Sharing Schedule

Friday, 23 June 2017

Outdoor Challenge

The students of Room 8 were fantastic participants in the second annual Outdoor Challenge.  Rain or shine, they explored the outdoors, appreciated nature and extended their learning.

Some students explored the woodworking station and worked with hammers and screwdrivers or made their project a bit more beautiful with some paint.

Enjoying the sunshine by painting rocks and sticks.

Getting carried away with smiles in the water play area on a sunny day!

We walked over to the Nature Playground one day to appreciate the wonderful playground in our own local community.

Jamie Oliviero, a local storyteller, captivated our students with rich, imaginative stories. They had the pleasure of listening to Jamie weave magical tales and the children actively participated with actions, silly voices and songs.

Splashing in the puddles - it is fun to play in the rain!

A student found ladybugs and ladybug larvae - interesting to see the life cycle in nature.

The kids created faces using natural found items, like leaves, mushrooms, pebbles and wild flowers.

Reading in the shade!

The bike rodeo!  Whether riding a real back or an imaginary one, all of the students learned to use hand signals, stop at stop signs, crosswalks and train tracks and to look where they were going. Thanks MPI!

Finally, our outing to Truro Creek! We released our tadpoles with their back legs back to the pond that they were born.  

Then the children went critter dipping. They had identification cards so they could determine which creatures they found.  Our class found frogs, tadpoles, little fish, snails, damselfly larvae, dragonfly larvae, leeches, water spiders and numerous aquatic insects.  Wonderful discoveries!



Zoo Field Trip

Here are some pictures from our field trip to the Assiniboine Zoo. The children participated in the polar bear program, enjoyed a picnic lunch and then toured the zoo. We felt so lucky that the polar bears were swimming overhead in the observation tunnel. The dinosaurs were a hit, but the ice cream stop at Sargent Sundae was the clear winner!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Fairy Tale Builders

After reading The Three Little Pigs, the children used straws, popsicle sticks and lego "bricks" to build a strong house for their pig.  The children learned to take their time (like the third little pig did), to keep trying when it got tricky and to to share great ideas with each other. When the house was finished, the hairdryer "wolf" huffed and puffed to see if the house would blow down or not.



Thursday, 4 May 2017

Fairy Tale Scientists

After reading Jack and the Beanstalk, we decided to help Jack find a quicker way down the beanstalk to escape the ogre.  The children had a variety of supplies (newspaper, coffee filters, paper bags, grocery bags, string, pipe cleaners, elastics and yarn) to design a parachute for Jack.

We had fun testing them out on the play structure!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Saving the Earth

The students in Room 8 have been learning how to protect our environment. They decided to create pamphlets to distribute in the community with tips to help the Earth.  Each child wrote tips for home, tips for school and tips for the community. The pamphlets were decorated with art the children created.

We decided on five community locations that we would ask to display a collection of our pamphlets. The students bravely asked the store owners to kindly share the pamphlets with their customers or guests. May thanks to Sargent Sundae, Star Grill, Joe Black, Linwood Childcare Centre and Deer Lodge Community Club for their support in displaying the flyers.